The West Coast Seafood Processors Association  serves the needs of the shore-based seafood processors in California, Oregon, and Washington who must fight to survive in the face of today‚Äôs economic, environmental and regulatory challenges.

Most of our fisheries are coastal and decisions made in one state may have an effect on processors in all states. Having a unified group that presents a common front to fisheries managers in all three states, the federal government and the Pacific Fishery Management Council is an effective way of protecting the interests of our members.

WCSPA became the first seafood industry group in the United States to endorse and implement the United States Fisheries Industry Principles for Responsible Fisheries, which was developed by a steering committee representing fishermen, processors, aquaculture producers and seafood buyers from all parts of the U.S. The Principles represent the commitment of the seafood industry to promote good science, sustainable fishing practices, habitat conservation, production and sale of safe products, and compliance with conservation laws and regulations.

The Association is funded through assessments on fish landed and processed. It is governed by an elected six-member board. Board meetings are held several times during the year and every board member has an equal vote. Board meetings are open to everyone in the association. WCSPA currently represents most major processors and several small processors in the three West Coast states, from San Luis Obispo, California, to Bellingham, Washington.


Lori Steele

Executive Director



Susan Chambers

Deputy Director



Kim Lowman

Executive Assistant



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